No, there's no reason why working as a webcam model would show up on any normal background check.

Background checks use information from public databases. If you work as an employee in a regular salaried job, where you receive a W-2, that would be included in your credit report and would likely show up in a background check.

However, when you work as a webcam model, you're an independent contractor and NOT considered an employee of our company. Thus, your income would NOT be reported to any credit bureau, which is the main source of information for background checks.

Now, if you go around telling all your friends that you're working as a webcam model or post it on your social media, then of course it could show up on a background check. However, that would be due to your own actions. Therefore, if you're concerned about privacy, we suggest you don't discuss this with others and never reveal your real name or contact information to members.
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