We use Firstchoice Pay, formerly known as Payoneer, for payment via prepaid debit card. Firstchoice works in almost every country on Earth, so if you live outside the United States, it's a great way to get paid.

After you sign up for Firstchoice, they'll mail you a free prepaid MasterCard. Each time we issue payments, we'll load your payment onto your Firstchopice MasterCard. You can then withdraw the money from any ATM or use the card to make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

If you don't have a Firstchoice account, you can sign up for free in your model account:

Navigate to My Profile->Payment Information
Select Firstchoice Pay from the payment selector dropdown.
Click on the displayed link to sign up for a Firstchoice account.

Please use the link in your model account, rather than signing up directly with Firstchoice. This will ensure that your model account is properly linked to your Firstchoice account.

If you already have a Firstchoice account, you can link your model account to your existing Firstchoice account. To link your existing Firstchoice account, follow the same steps, except when the Firstchoice screen pops up, select the option to login to your existing Firstchoice account, rather than creating a new account.
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