Please don't confuse Private Only Mode (POM) with a Private Show. They're related, but completely different concepts.

When you activate POM, it makes you AVAILABLE for members to take you private. However, you don't actually earn any money until a member requests a private and you accept it.

Some models think that by activating POM, they're somehow "starting" a private show. It doesn't work like that at all. As a model, you can't start a private, you can only accept an invitation from a member to go private.

The reason it's called Private ONLY mode is because after you activate it, you're no longer in free chat. It makes it so you're ONLY available for privates; members can't chat with you in your free room.

Since free chat is how you market yourself and convince members to take you private, you should spend most of your time in free chat, not in Private Only Mode. POM is only for times when you're unable to chat, like if you're doing homework, cleaning your house, having sex with your boyfriend, etc...

When you activate POM, it gives you the option to turn your cam on or off. If you turn your cam off, it will display your profile photo in your room. This is good for times when you need privacy, but still want to be available if a member wants to take you private.

Since POM causes confusion for some new models, we require you to do at least one private show before you can activate POM. After you've done your first private, you'll be able to activate POM at any time in the future. We do this to avoid the unfortunate situation where a new model logs in for the first time, activates POM and thinks she's in a private, then later becomes disappointed when she realizes she didn't earn any credits for being in POM.
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