We require a Photo ID picture AND a Holding ID picture.

Photo ID Picture

The Photo ID picture is a high-resolution, full-color, closeup picture of your government-issued photo ID.

Examples of acceptable forms of ID:
Drivers license
State ID card
National ID card
Military ID

For Philippine models we accept Postal ID, Passport, Drivers License, or NBI Clearance.

The picture must show the ENTIRE ID, including ALL FOUR CORNERS and ALL FOUR EDGES.
We do NOT accept temporary IDs; it must be your permanent ID.
We do NOT accept photocopies of ID photos. The picture must show the actual ID.
The text on the ID must be CLEARLY READABLE. Please view the picture on your computer or phone, BEFORE uploading it, to make sure you can CLEARLY read your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH and the ID NUMBER. If you can't read the text in the picture, neither can we and we'll have to reject it.
The ID must show your date of birth. If the date of birth appears on the back of the ID, you'ill have to take pictures of BOTH the front AND the back of the ID and combine the two pictures into a single image. You can use the free iPiccy service to combine the images. iPiccy has a collage feature, which allows you to upload multiple images and combine them into a single image.

Holding ID Picture

The Holding ID is a picture of you holding your ID next to your face.

You must hold the ID IN YOUR HAND and we must see the ENTIRE ID and your ENTIRE FACE in the picture.
We must see your HAND in the picture. If your hand is cropped out of the picture, so the ID appears to be floating in the air next to your face, we'll reject it. We need to see that you're actually holding the ID; hence the name, "Holding ID" picture.
The Holding ID picture must show the SAME ID you used for the Photo ID picture. For example, if you submit your drivers license as your Photo ID, you must use the same drivers license for the Holding ID picture.
The Holding ID picture must be clear enough that we can read your name on the ID, without squinting.
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