Phone-2-Phone allows members to call you on the phone anonymously during a private show. This provides a more intimate experience than chatting through the webcam and it's an opportunity for you to earn extra money. Your phone number is NEVER revealed to members. The member calls a special number which forwards the call to your phone, without ever revealing your phone number.

To setup Phone-2-Phone:

Navigate to the Phone-2-Phone page in your model account.
Select the per-minute rate you want to charge for Phone-2-Phone. This rate is in addition to your regular rate for privates.
Select your country from the dropdown list.
Enter your phone number.
DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY CODE in the phone number you enter.
If your phone number starts with a zero, DO NOT INCLUDE THE ZERO.
Click the Validate button. At this point, your phone should ring.
Answer the validation call and follow the instructions to complete the validation.

Once Phone-2-Phone has been setup, it will appear as an option for the member, whenever you're in a private.
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