Bitcoin is an international digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency. Many consider it the currency of the future, because it's anonymous like cash, yet you can instantly transfer it anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government, but it's traded on international currency exchanges, just like a national currency.

Receiving Bitcoin

We can send payments directly to any Bitcoin wallet. If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one for free from Blockchain or Coinbase. Blockchain has no ID requirements and you can sign up for and access your Blockchain wallet from anywhere in the world. The benefit of Coinbase is that in addition to being a Bitcoin wallet, it's also a currency exchange. So you can use Coinbase to convert Bitcoin to your regular national currency.

To protect your anonymity, you should use a different wallet address for every transaction. Thus, each time we send you a payment, you'll have to return to this screen and enter your new wallet address in the address box.

Spending Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a real currency, just like US Dollars or Euros. Worldwide, more and more companies are accepting Bitcoin for payment. There are thousands of places to spend your Bitcoin, both online and in the real world.
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