As a model, you can't start a regular private; only a member can invite you to go private. However, you CAN start a Fake Private.

When you start a fake private, it displays you on the site as being in a private show. Members won't be able to tell that it's a fake private.

You don't earn any money for doing a fake private, but you earn your voyeur rate for each member who voyeurs into your fake private. Thus, the main benefit of doing a fake private is it gives you the chance to earn voyeur income.

Another way to use fake privates is if you're simultaneously broadcasting on another site and you get a private on the other site. Instead of logging off on our site, start a fake private. Members will see you as being in a private show and you may earn some extra voyeur income.

If you start a fake private, it's super-important that you pretend to be in a real private and do everything you'd normally do in a real private. The reason is that members can voyeur into your fake private at any time. If you're not doing something sexy when they voyeur in, they'll probably just leave.
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