You can refer customers to our site using the links and banners on the Referral Program page in your model account.

When you refer a new customer to the site, you earn a 20% referral commission based on the amount that customer spends.

The referral commission is a lifetime payout, so once you refer a customer, you continue getting paid every time he spends money on the site, regardless of which models he spends it on.

To qualify for a referral commission, the customer must visit the site for the first time, by clicking on one of the referral links or banners we provide to you.

You can place our banners on as many websites as you want. The more places you post them, the more customers you will get. For example, you could post ads on Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites. We also encourage you to bring in any existing clients you have. If you bring in clients from other sites, make sure they use your referral link so you get credit for referring them.
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