No full nudity in free chat
In free chat you may be topless, but may NOT show nudity below the waist.

No unknown broadcasters
YOU are the only person who may appear on your webcam while broadcasting. If you have a couples account, you and your partner may appear together.
You may not "loan" your account to your roommate or friend.
Make sure you have a private area to broadcast from, to prevent other people like roommates or boyfriends from appearing on your broadcast. We monitor all broadcasts and we'll suspend your account if we catch you violating this rule.

No broadcasting of recorded video
You must broadcast LIVE VIDEO ONLY.
If we catch you broadcasting recorded video, you will be permanently banned from our network.

Never give out personal information
You may NOT disclose your real name, address, phone number, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc...
You may NOT ask members for their personal contact information.
If we catch you giving out or asking for personal contact information, we'll permanently close your account.
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